Membership Benefits

Membership in the Missouri Dental Assistants Association and American Dental Assistants Association represents people just like you. There’s a category and place for each of you in these associations. The associations work to represent Chairside assistants, general or specialty, Business assistants, Laboratory assistants, Dental Sales representatives, Insurance Personnel, Educators and students.

One of the primary purposes is to promote continuing education on current topics. Further, we promote camaraderie with your fellow dental assistants and ongoing exchange of ideas and solutions to problems among those of us who share similar experiences in the dental office.

Our association is committed to growth, WE NEED YOU AND YOUR IDEAS, in return you can share in our mutual growth. Always look up, have elevating goals and thoughts, work together and we will grow.

When you attend State and Local dental assisting meetings, meet people and participate, you learn about others and enhance your education.

Toot your own horn! Let the dental community know that you are a member of an association that is dedicated to quality education that ensures quality care.

Share your ideas with other assistants and invite them to become a member of this professional organization.